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Elements of Typographic Style – Robert Bringhurst

A readable manual and reference on modern typography, exploring the art and history of the field as well as technical details. Includes b&w illustrations, a glossary, and reference appendices. This second edition includes a new chapter on digital typography, expanded information on typefaces and designers, and a deeper look into the history of letters.

elements of typographic style

Getting it right with type – the dos and dont’s of typography – Victoria Squire

An absolute must and its part of your required reading

Stop Stealing Sheep and find out how type works

Erik Spiekermann & E.M. Ginger

An absolute must for anyone interested in typography. Interesting analogies, fun to read and thought provoking in its approach to typography

Letter and Image by Massin

This book is simply brilliant. Expensive and hard to get hold of but a pure wealth of typography imagery and expression
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Type and Typography – Haslam and Baines

Probably one of the most useful typographic reference books to own

Penrose Annual 1937 – a definite wish list – I bet its a classic glimpse of graphic design history

If you can hold of this grab it – its a type classic

Crystal Goblet



  1. Hi Gabbi,

    This all looks really cool – I’m really excited about the endless possibilities of our project – here’s to it – Sharazzan

    • I got trouble doing the rest of my work today, requires focus – why – I just want to continue working on the blog!
      Control Gabbi – control – I am really enjoying this process and can’t wait to bring the students on board – its just going to be so much fun!

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