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Category Archives: Instructions and Orders

Images of typographic instructions and orders.

Makes you realise just how much we are told to do via letterforms.

Kindly donated by a colleague for my collection this sign is priceless. Just what were they thinking of – not priorities – I pity the person who fails to notice the afterthought message about the bridge being out ahead – come to think of it what does that mean – has the bridge gone for a night out on the town!caution




No – why should I

Dreadful Kerning!




Its odd to see a subject that primarily deals with images dealt with purely typographically.

Kerning is a bit odd, but maybe that can be attributed to the slight curve of the board that the letters are printed on.

Text Interacting with format, borders and colour, attached onto a post. The words taken out of this context could mean absolutely anything.DSCF2079

DSCF2096 Funny thing was that it wasn’t

Poor Students

Note the emphasis of the underline – takes the place of a wagging finger.