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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Battered and worn, this piece of type, probably once shiney and new,
now looks as discarded as the plank on which it is attached to.

It appears the easier type is to create the less value we attribute to it.

One only has to think of the Trajan column. The efforts of master craftsmen,
it is now heralded as a typographic masterpiece.

The same cannot be said of this piece of typography, as texturally interesting as it is.



DSCF2096 Funny thing was that it wasn’t

Poor Students

Note the emphasis of the underline – takes the place of a wagging finger.

I have no idea what this means – its fathomless to me.

The letters and numbers only have meaning for someone who understands them

Faded type

Hope the type never fades from this sign


Strange to have metal type named after a non metalic substance.Man hole type

Punishers the things you find stenciled on the pavement!

Handwritten type

Juxtaposition of handwritten and typeset type.